HILCON works closely with government and private sector clients to design roadways that work with the landscape and provide environmentally sound solutions. HILCON is capable of performing all aspects of highway design, from route planning to environmental best management practices to Right Of Way definition.
The cost-effective transportation designs meet or exceed all current standards.


Hilcon's municipal clients benefit from an experienced team of engineers and technicians who design roadways, sanitary, sewer, water and stormwater infrastructure and effectively incorporate the needs of the municipality. Hilcon understands the importance of your municipal infrastructure, and will work with you to improve it.
The company's efficient organizational structure makes it easy for municipal representatives to speak directly with its engineers.


HILCON uses the latest surveying technology to allow the survey teams to obtain high quality data from local or remote project sites. Hilcon then use this data for project designs and work plans to keep your job on time and on budget. Alternatively, Hilcon's survey teams can provide construction layout and as-built information to the clients.

Project Management

HILCON has an exceptional team of talented project managers that can take your project from planning to completion and seamlessly manage every step in-between.
HILCON’s professional project management service provides effective coordination of all project components to keep everything on time and on budget. They understand how to keep projects running smoothly by working closely with the project team and stakeholders.


HILCON uses a phased approach that refines quantity estimates as detail design progresses. Accurate quantities provide sound estimates critical to the budgeting process. HILCON’s advanced estimate calculations provide accurate figures for the quantity of materials needed for each job. This process is designed to safeguard your budget, while ensuring the job is completed to the rigorous standards of quality HILCON is known for.


A sound estimate is critical to planning and budgeting for a project. HILCON uses a phased approach that refines the estimate as detail design progresses. HILCON's experience estimating various infrastructure projects allows them to assist their clients with budgeting for a project from the early planning stages to construction. HILCON understand budgetary restrictions and will provide options and solutions to help make any project a success.


A critical part of quality assurance is full-time construction inspection. HILCON offers this service to their clients ensuring that the construction is completed in accordance with the project specifications. In addition to construction inspection, HILCON’s experienced staff performs condition inspections of various types of infrastructure such as bridges, buildings and culverts.