Welsford, New Brunswick

HILCON’s staff acted as the structural engineering design team for the Welsford Route 7 Viaduct located in Welsford, New Brunswick. This challenging project involved designing the structure of a 199 metre long viaduct spanning a railway, watercourse and existing roadway. The design team had to be innovative to overcome the geometric restrictions of the site and created a structure that worked with the limitations of the physical location. The structure employs reinforced concrete deck poured composite with four lines of steel plate girders. In addition to the design, HILCON completed the tender documents and acted as an agent to the owner throughout the construction of the structure.

Perth-Andover, New Brunswick

HILCON’s structural team completed the bridge design of twin structures located in along the Trans Canada Highway south of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick. The twin structures are both 4-span prestressed concrete beam bridges with lengths of 156.4 metres and 163.1 metres. The rectangular reinforced concrete piers support the superstructure approximately 30 metres above the watercourse. The structures have a reinforced concrete deck composite with seven prestressed concrete beams.

Hartland, New Brunswick

Challenging site access, a demanding timeline and a critical need for the bridge to remain partially open during construction led HILCON’s structural design team to develop and innovative solution for the rehabilitation of the Sir Hugh John Flemming Bridge. HILCON’s team utilized more than 182 reinforced concrete precast panels integrated with cast-in-place concrete to repair the 650m long deteriorated deck cantilever of the large concrete arch structure.

Saint John, New Brunswick

HILCON has completed multiple phases of rehabilitation design for Piers 10, 11, 12 and Rodney Marginal Wharf for the Saint John Port Authority. The work on Pier 10 included rehabilitation of the deck and portions of the substructure. HILCON’s structural team completed a condition study on the 100 year old Pier 11/12 structure and designed a soldier pile and precast panel retaining wall system to stabilize the rock filled timber crib portion of the structure. HILCON prepared and completed tender documents for the above phases.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Legislative Assembly building opened in 1882 and is one of New Brunswick’s outstanding heritage structures. Over several years this building has undergone major rehabilitation with new copper roofing, re-pointing of stone masonry with replacement units as required, new rear entrance, new insulation, added fire protection, upgraded mechanical and electrical systems, lighting, auxiliary foundations and equipment rooms, landscaping and more.

HILCON shared the project management functions with the Architect and the building Owner. HILCON also provided structural design, project inspection and contractor coordination for this complex heritage building rehabilitation.

CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick

The Department of National Defence relocated the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineers (CFSME) from CFB Chilliwack, BC to CFB Gagetown, NB, requiring the construction of new training facilities. One necessary facility was the Engineer Training Demolition Range on which military engineer explosive training is conducted.

HILCON’s staff designed the range site, consisting of a 1km access road, site drainage, cratering area, steel cutting area, timber and concrete cutting area, bridge demolition training site, explosive storage bunkers, and a blast observation bunker.

The bunker was positioned with a clear view of all training areas. The structure, including observation windows, was dynamically designed to resist blast pressures and explosively propelled fragment impacts.